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Phi's "Digital" Music In the Key of e

This web site will help get you and your students into the mood for Phi Day (January 6). To begin, you might list out the initial digits for both Phi and e...you do not need to write out the full one million for each if your time is limited!

Basically, the song e/Phi (Didn't Care) is a video of a live performance of "an algorithmic piece for microtonal string quartet samples." But, the video is not really a factor, unless you like to watch nothing happening.

As to the song (or tune..or whatever...), it involves the first million digits of the mathematical constants e and Phi, with "musical artist" Warren Burt using them to choose pitch, duration, loudness, timbre and tempi of the music. Burt "conducts" the music, selecting the instruments heard and the overall tempo.

As to the technical side, Algorithmic Arts ArtWonk controls string quartet samples from a concert (April 11, 2010) at the People's Cultural Palace in Camperdown, NSW. An interesting way for their music to end up being heard/used!

If you want to hear music directly tied to the digits in the number Phi, you might want to listen to this version of "1.618" on piano. It is a shortened version of the 11:34 minute composition "1.618" on BT' The Binary Universe. For those not in the "phi-crowd," BT is a composer and electronic artist. The Binary Universe was his fifth album, released on August 29, 2006. The DVD for the album includes visual mathematical animations during the song...so see if you can pick up a copy on ebay or...