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Makes the Grade of Phi

Last week, the focus was on websites where Jiri Mruzek presented his "evidence" for the occurences of phi and pi in ancient ruins.

In contrast, this week's website was created in 2009 by four Algebra II Honors students (Marissa Childs, Almog Gavra, Jade Hua, and Jamshed Vesuna) at Los Gatos High School (CA). Their goal for this class project was to "educate the world about the Fibonacci sequence," with their primary audience being secondary students.

Fabulous Fibonacci has multiple areas for your exploration:

  • Introduction and History
  • Explanation: Limits and Golden Ratio
  • Proofs: Golden Ratio via Euclid, Fibonacci Sequence Ratio, and Binet's closed-end formula
  • Applications: art, nature, animals, space, humans, and fruit
  • List of first 100 Fibonacci numbers
  • List of first 10,000 digits of phi
  • And a Bibliography that seems to have vanished?
Though I applaude the students' effort and focus, the end result could have been improved if they had cleared up the many remaining HTML coding errors. The errors currently distract from their message.

BUT, I think they set an initial standard of what secondary students can do, to both learn additional mathematics and share their learning.