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Visual Mathematics to the Nth Power

Some web sites are impressive immediately...starting with its opening page. This web site at first glance is ho-hum.....but, click on any of the "inner" pages, and a whole new visual world comes to life.

Run by Ronnie Brown and Mike Yates, the web site is as outreach of The Center for the Popularization of Mathematics. Founded at Bangor (England) in 1989, the CPM offers "a study of form, pattern, and structure"...that is a collection of visual delights ranging from sculptures to art projects to mathematical movies to examinations of real life occurences of mathematics.

Rather than waste time with this review, check out these visual delights:

  • Symbolic Sculptures, starting with the creations of John Robinson and extending through seven galleries
  • Sculpture Mathematics, which ranges from movies about Mobius Strips to knots to fractals to the Diric String Trick
  • Knots Exhibition, which tells (and shows) you everything you wanted to know about knots--coloring, naming, invariants, arithmetic, and connection to DNA
  • Raising Public Awareness of Mathematics, which is an exploration of viruses and DNA, animal markings, spirals and snails, flower patterns, and fractal ferns
Lots of fun...plus good information and interesting ideas. Enjoy!