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What Numbers Are Special to You?

Interesting websites abound, with sometimes the mathematical connections found as odd add-ons or individual preferences. This week's website is such an animal.

Robert Munafo is an Independent Reseracher, who originally studied Electrical Engineering at Dartmouth College. As far as I can tell, he researches things related to computer science, physics, and mathematics...and perhaps life itself.

On his various website pages, he offers some interesting items:

On a separate page on his personal website, you can find other things that Munafo likes, knows, and cares to share. Some examples related to mathematics are:
  • His personal collection of information on the Mandelbrot Set, which can get quite technical.
  • His review of Alternative Number Systems will surprise you, if you are patient enough to wade through his discussion.
  • A MP3 file for the Riemann zeta function, which converts the real and imaginary components into left and right audio waveforms, allowing you to listen to the Zeta function in stereo.
  • His investigations and reflections on Rubic's Cube and Other Cuboids is very thorough, and shows an independent mind who wants to solve things his way...
  • His program RIES that finds algebraic equations from your input of solutions. As he notes, it can be used for mystical, magical, and recreational activities, inaddition to the algebraic uses.
Though I felt guilty browsing through the content on Munafo's website, I must admit it was interesting and I learned some new things about mathematics. Now, it is your turn...