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DayTum: Your Personal Data

Statistics surround us...but often, we are not collectors of our eprsonal statistics. Ryan Case and Nicholas Felton to our rescue.

The idea started with Nicholas Felton in 2005, who started producing yearly summations of his life (his "Annual Reports"). These summations are graphs and charts that "illuminate" his life statistically in a "wry but rigorous manner." Ryan Case helped expand this idea in an on-line program.

DayTum.com is a FREE tool to help collect and communicate the most important statistics in your life...on a hourly, daily, monthly, or even yearly basis.

Special features available are:

  • Multiple options for displaying your data
  • Options for grouping your data on multiple pages
  • Ability to group your data into multiple categories
  • Accessible (and data input) via Twitter or Apps for IPhones/Androids
Again, the service is FREE for anyone's use...on restricted basis. You can also sign up for Daytum Plus account ($4/month) that offers the ability to collect and present more data, create multiple pages, and apply privacy settings.

But, with the Free version and non-privacy option, I found it interesting to browse other people's data...what they collect, and how it is displayed. Some examples: types of soup eaten, car mileage, apps on Iphone, pages read per day, vices, workout routines, etc.

If this program does not meet your special needs, you might try:

  • LinkedIn can display a user's network
  • Facebook via the option "TouchGraph" can display a member's network of friends
  • GeoCommons supports storage and display of data specific to a location
  • Fitness sites (Runnerplus.com, Dailymile.com, Fitness-Journal.org, RunKeeper.com) plot data specific to workouts (often using sensors in shoes)
If you know of other good sites, please let me know.

Source: Adapted from P. Wayner's "Illustrating Your Life in Graphs and Charts," NYT, 5/21/2011