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We Want to Further Mathematical Communication, BUT...

Do you know how to pronouce the names of the mathematicians Euler, Cauchy, or Abū ʿAbdallāh Muḥammad ibn Mūsā al-Khwārizmī? Do you know how to pronouce mathematical terms such as incommensurable, orthogonal , or even rhombus?

Multiple websites exist that help us pronounce correctly what we want to say. Some examples...browse and you pick the one(s) you like:

  • HowjSay.com is listed first because it provides a free online Talking Dictionary of English Pronunciation..kind of fun to test out with mathematical words, despite it's vocabulary being limited (e.g. it has Euler but not Cauchy
  • Kent Kromarek's Mathematics Pronunciation Guide includes terms, mathematicians, Greek letters, and symbols
  • Pronunciation Guide to Mathematicians is a great help, plus it includes links to on-line articles about the mathematciians themselves
  • ITEP's Mathematics Pronunciation Guide seems repeat version of Kromarek's Guide before he retired
  • Wikipedia's Mathematician Pronunciation Guide also includes links to Wikipedia articles about the mathematicians
  • H. VÄaliaho's Pronunciation of Mathematical Expressions gives an international perspective (Finland)...and differs slightly with some terms (that i thought I knew at least)
  • UEFAP's Mathematical and Scientific Symbols is extensive, but takes some getting used to because it uses The International Phonetic Alphabet in Unicode)...?
  • TSBVI's Project Math Access's Handbook for Spoken Mathematics helps sighted individuals read mathematics to persons who are blind
  • RPI's American Pronunciation of Mathematics or Universit´e Louis Pasteur's Reading Mathematical Expressions model the approach weach classroom could take regarding the mathematics being experienced
  • Wikipedia's List of mathematical symbols is an extensive list of mathematical symbols, in both HTML and TeX
  • Good luck communicating!