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GOTO: Wild About Math

After a 25 year career in high tech, Sol Lederman left that security to focus on his next chapter in life: "Doing Math, playing with Math, sharing Math, and inspiring others with a joy of Math.

He writes: "Math has always been my first love. I remember solving my first magic square puzzle in elementary school and being so overjoyed. Later, in junior high school and high school I had very inspiring Math teachers that encouraged me to dive deeper into Math exploration. The attitude stuck! My career in computers pales in comparison when I consider the joy I get from solving Math problems, teaching others how to solve Math problems, and inspiring others with a sense that there's much more to Math than the dry and painful all-left-brain stuff they were forced to endure in school."

Started in October, 2007, Lederman's blog Wild About Math is an experience...a very positive one. Plus, it does support his claim that his "real gift in Math is in helping others to see it, touch it, appreciate it with their own eyes and hands."

You have four+ years of Lederman's sharing of math...to explore. Some examples I recommend:

  • November, 2011: Overview of exploration to see if there are more triangular numbers than square numbers
  • October, 2011 (plus other times): Interesting factoids about 11.
  • June, 2011: Japanese ladder games
  • November, 2007): Arithmetic game that is Number Theory
Those are just a few examples of a blog over-flowing with interesting "problem-solving" contests (not trivial), reviews of texts, some video-casts, and a lot of sharing of other people's mathematical creativity. It is clear that Lederman enjoys mathematics!

Plus, the blog offers links to some of the best blogs directed at mathematics and mathematics education. Be forwarned...IF you also enjoy mathematics, you can expect to spend a great amount of time exploring Lederman's blog...and will learn alot!