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Middle School Math Includes Calculus?

A link to links...to links. That is basically the focus of this week's website.

The suggested website NSDL Middle School Portal focuses on both mathematics and science. I only investigated the mathematics side of things.

Coordinated primarily by Ohio State University faculty, the MSP2 project claims to use digital tools and social networking to identify and offer only "high-quality, standards-based resources" with the goal of promoting "collaboration and knowledge-sharing among its users."

Though directed at the middle school level (ages 10-15), the suggested content topics (and respective links) seem to range from grade 3-12. For example, few teachers are interested in ways to enhance their teaching of calculus to middle school students.

Nonetheless, these are the categories available...most with multiple subcategories:

  • Algebra
  • Number Theory
  • Real World Applications
  • Calculus
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Geometry
  • Topology
  • Trigonometry
  • Logic and Foundations
  • Mathematics History
  • Number and Operations
  • Measure
  • Process Skills
  • Statistics Probability
  • Education Issues
The MSP2 website tries to steer you to quality websites...but you still need to do a lot of exploring and quality control. That is, I could find no rating criteria that guided their selection of website links other than it "would be helpful"...and the sheer quantity available (and variability) implies that they erred on the side of no criteria.

Nonetheless, gems are lurking in many of their links, so it is worth a browse. Also, on their opening page for mathematics, check out the Exemplary Resources for Math Blog. It did contain some interesting ideas, but was inconsistent.