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Recruited to be a Mathlete!

Personally and professionally, I have mixed-feelings regarding mathematical competitions. I cringe if they openly involve a speed element and focus on recall rather than thinking or problem-solving.

But, the Putnam Exam is quite different...and acceptable in my view. Students work hard to prepare for it, and the exam itself is challenging...not speed-wise but think-wise.

This all serves as a context for the suggested video and website, both of which focus on the idea of "Mathletes" at Bringham Young University. I suggest you use the following order:

  1. Watch the BYU Rap-video
  2. Read the brief BYU website for Mathletes, which will help you understand the fuzzy words in the video
  3. Re-Watch the BYU Rap-video
Bringham Young is to be commended for their rise in the Putnam rankings, and to note that they are now 5th in the nation as a "Ph.D. Launchpad."

Also, thanks to T.R. (Bellingham) for suggesting this video...