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Unsolved Problems: An Informative Resource

The Math News for this week discusses the "future outcome" of some unsolved problems in geometry and number theory. Please browse that discussion before continuing with the exploration of the suggested website.

Erich Friedman, mathematician at Stetson University, has organized a PowerPoint talk entitled Two Dozen Unsolved Problems in Plane Geometry. Given at the Embry-Riddle Undergraduate Mathematics Conference in 2004, the talk offers some up-to-date information on some of the problems posed in the afore-mentioned text. Unfortunately, I can only offer you the Powerpoint, as I too wish I could have heard the talk.

In addition to providing some information related to unsolved problems included in Klee/Wagon text, it also offers some new challenges and other interesting information. The problems are organized by category:

  • Polygon Problems (including the Kabon triangle problem)
  • Packing Problems
  • Tiling Problems
  • Finite Set Problems
  • Curve Problems
Again, I always find Fridman's resources of value. Earlier, I have recommended his Periodic Table of Mathematicians and other oddities.

Finally, if you want to expand your search for unsolved problems, I suggest:

That should be enough to keep you busy for at least the weekend!