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You Draw Your Own Conclusions

The MathNews for this week discusses the true/false aspects of a picture related to the Golden Rectangle. The results of G.G.'s (Clarkston) research led to the following website.

Donald Simanek, Emeritus Professor of Physics at Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania) is an admitted skeptic...not just for this hair-flip picture but for many things. His primary interests are optics, the history of science, the interface between science and pseudoscience, physics demonstrations, skepticism, and visual illusions.

To document his skepticism, Simenek produced the website Fibonacci Flim-Flam. As you browse it, be prepared to find yourself either arguing or agreeing with him.

Key ideas he discusses are:

  • Fantastic Claims that are Fibonacci Foolishness
  • Golden Spiral Hype
  • Fibonacci Fakery in Nature
  • Golden Ratio Obsessions
  • Psedu-Phylotaxis
  • Compounding Nonsense
  • Miscellaneous Musings
  • Cynical Conclusions and Footnotes
  • More Fibonacci Fakery (with the hair-flip photo)
So, now do you believe in the presence of the Golden Ratio, natural examples of the Fibonacci Sequence, etc.? If you want a more detailed discussion, see the Resource for the Week.