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A Problem-Solving Math-Pickle Paradise!

A.D. (former student of mine who now teaches math in Tunis) sent me a link to a website that was totally new to me. His comments: "This site has some unsolved math problems framed in a way young students can understand. Pretty interesting ideas!"

After browsing the website, I find that its problems are attractive...plus the entire website offers much to consider. It is maintained by Dr. Gordon Hamilton, a mathematician and game designer from Calgary, who "found" a passion for K-12 mathematics classrooms.

On a visit to a grade 4 classroom in 2005, Hamilton dared to challenge students with an unsolved problem of mathematics from 1937...but did not tell them was unsolved. The result: the students became "wonderfully enthralled." Thus, on his website he now offers a wide range of tough problems (his "gems of mathematics that deserve to be in every curriculum"), with a two statement mission:

Engaging the top students without losing the bottom students...
Engaging the bottom students without boring the top students!

When browing his website Math Pickle, be sure to visit these areas:

  • Explore his problem gems....organized by grade pairs...be sure to visit his $1,000,000 problems as well
  • Watch some of his educational videos...I recommend you start with "Hard Fun," "Let's Abolish Elementary Mathematics," "Epic Fail in Math Class," and "Mathematics and Beauty are Inseparable"
  • Try his Kajitsu puzzles and Mimizu puzzles
  • Read and reflect on his Muse, News, and Reviews links...for some humor, visit his link "If Mathematics Were Taught Like Mathematics..."
  • And do not miss his two "Inspired People" pages...It is great that he gives credit to his muses and mentors (many of them I share as well)
Again, the problems are the main reason to visit, but the website has alot more to offer...for thought...and for free! Thanks, A.D.