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Math 4 Teaching

Erlina Ronda, a Philippine Mathematics Educator, seems to be a busy person...yet she openly shares ideas and tries to get people to communicate. She taught high school mathematics teacher for eight years, and now works with in-service teachers.

Her agenda: "I believe that K-10 mathematics is about developing students' mathematical thinking and communication capacities first, and, knowing mathematics next. Experience has also taught me that mathematics is best learned in the context of solving problems and doing mathematical investigations."

In her words, she maintains the blog Mathematics 4 Teaching to narrow "the gap between research and practice in mathematics teaching and learning. It contains teaching tips based on current reforms in mathematics education and teaching such as teaching mathematics through problem solving (TtPS), developing higher-order thinking skills (HOTS) and mathematical habits of mind, constructivist teaching, scaffolding learning, etc."

Browse these areas:

  • Her Archive of blogs....they vary greatly, by topic and grade level...I know you will find some things to reflect on...
  • Explore her special section devoted to GeoGebra, which includes exploration activities and applets
  • Jump to her new "sub-blog" on Math Problems for K-12...note it is divided by grade levels and content areas
  • Jump also to her new "sub-blog" on Math Ed Studies...be sure to visit the two subsections on "Math Ed Readings" (many great resources here) and "History of Math"
Yes, Erlina Ronda is a busy person. But, I am glad she takes the time to share ideas...hers and others!