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To Blog and Not to Blog, That is the Question

Guillermo Bautista, University in the Philippines, is involved in teacher education, curricum development, and educational research. His primary interest is the integration of technology in teaching mathematics. His "bragging rights" are that he maintains four blogs and writes about 60 posts each month.

In his words, Bautista's maintains the blog Mathematics and Multimedia:

  • To provide a conceptual explanation of K-12 mathematics topics
  • To suggest alternative ways of teaching and learning school mathematics
  • To share useful and free resources on the internet
  • To promote the integration of technology in teaching math and other subjects
  • To create software and web application tutorials
  • To encourage teachers, students, and enthusiast to write on the web
  • And, to impart ways on promoting sites and blogs on the internet
  • Via his blog Mathematics and Multimedia, browse these areas:
    • His Archive of blogs....they vary greatly, by topic and grade level...I know you will find some things to reflect on...
    • Explore his special section devoted to GeoGebra applets
    • Jump to his new "sub-blog" on Math Palette...devoted to math appreciation
    • Jump also to his "sub-blog" on School of Freebies...it will take some browsing here to find items of interest/value
    • Finally, jump to his "sub-blog" on Blogineering...Are you interested in starting a blog, then this is for you!
    Yes, Guillermo Bautista is a busy person, and I am sure I helped him make some advertising money by directing tyraffic to his blogs. But, I am glad he takes the time to share ideas...his and others....you get to sort out the valued from the chaff.