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Read Any Pilish Lately?

Mike Keith, Salem (OR), is a mathematician, software engineer, and author of works of "constrained writing." As a multimedia specialist, he is credited as the inventor or co-inventor on 60 patents. And, his Erdös-Bacon Number is 7.

Now, Keith writes...."constrained writing," which means that his writing is bound by some condition that forbids certain things or imposes a pattern. In short, his controlling condition (and obsession) involves the digits of π.

Keith maintains the website Cadaeic.net, which is an unusual journey through π and other numbers. Be sure to browse these areas:

  • His writings using Pilish are texts based on the digits Of π. He even has a play (The π Play) and a full text (Not A Wake: A Dream Embodying π's Digits Fully for 10000 Decimals)
  • His essays "Lady π," "The π Code," and "Geometric Patterns of π's Digits"
  • His explorations of other special numbers...for example, he invented the idea of Keith Numbers
  • His thoughts on prime numbers, especially "Primeval Numbers"
  • His thoughts on Math and Music...which is a taste of his book From Polychords to Polya: Adventures in Musical Combinatorics
  • His Miscellany section, especially Calendar Curiosities and the New York Minute
I enjoy Keith's writings, and have even ordered his book on π. Hope you enjoy his efforts as well.

A side note: You might also want to explore his PowerPoint The Art of π: A PotpourrI of Pandigital Pleasures You will have to fill in the narration (and meaning).