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Bed Time Math Problems?

Consider Laura Bilodeau Overdeck, who has a BA in astrophysics from Princeton University and a MBA in public policy from the Wharton School. In her words, "As a kid she sat and memorized perfect squares for fun, back before it was cool." Eventually as a parent, Laura and her husband gave math problems to their two older kids...but found their 2-year-old begging for his own math problem. The result is now as they say...history...a successful history.

The goal of Bedtime Math is "to make the nightly math problem as common as the bedtime story." An interesting idea...

Now, I know that after browsing the website, you will conclude that the problem level is below that of grade 7-14 mathematics. But, it should give you ideas of how you also can creatively reach students (and kids). We all like "gathering moments" before bed...so why not make it a math problem!

The BedTime Math website presently includes:

  • Math problems designated for Wee Ones, Little Kids, and Big Kids (Note: Though not an educator, Laura-as-author shows the ability to differentiate common teaching situations.)
  • A scheme called "Summer of Numbers" that extends the use of the BedTime Math problems
  • Advice on doing BedTime Math....I like the tone and accepting spirit regarding the goal, as well as what sharing math problems can and cannot do
Since this idea is brand new (early 2012?), I expect the idea to blossom...and the website offerings to grow as well. Clever idea...with merit!