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Math as a Cultural Experience...or Phenomena

The Resource For This Week discusses the recent text Mathematics in Popular Culture: Essays on Appearances in Film, Fiction, Games, Television, and Other Media (2012). In turn, this week's website will complement your use of this text.

Math Goes Pop, as it offers "Ruminations on the Intersection Between Mathematics and Popular Culture." And if you do not have the text, this website is a cultural trip in itself.

Math Goes Pop is maintained by Matt, a Ph.D. candidate in Mathematics at UCLA. He writes: "Surrounded by the glitz and glamour of my extravagant Hollywood lifestyle, I cannot help but search out for links between mathematics and popular culture. Here Iíll write about those links as I find them, in the hopes that I can make mathematics more exciting and less terrifying to a general audience." Nice thoughts...that echo home, since I once was in his same situation (but not same lifestyle).

Some sections to browse on the web site:

  • Math and Animals
  • Math and Holidays
  • Math and Food
  • Math in the News
  • Math on the Radio
  • Math on TV
  • Math and Sports
  • Math and Politics
  • Math in the Movies
  • Math in Books
  • Et Cetera or Math Gets Around (i.e. Both seem to be Misc.?)
  • Math and Food
  • Women and Math
  • Math Fail (i.e. Math Errors)
  • Math Education
I am impressed with Matt's range of interests and experiences. He has enough information available so I could sit and browse for quite some time...and unfortunately I did. And, I hope you do to...Well done Matt!