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TED-Ed, I Said...

In past issues on this website, I have recommended TED videos. Now, I also recommend TED-Ed, a refreshing blue sky amidst an on-line world of low-quality lesson plans.

Though it's options are growing, TED-Ed offers around 100 videos. With its "flip this video" option, you can turn a video into a customized lesson that can be assigned to students or shared more widely, complete with a Quick Quiz, a Think opportunity, and options for Digging Deeper (often with additional links). You can add context, questions and follow-up suggestions.

To introduce you to the mathematics side of TED-Ed, I suggest you start with these videos:

  • Symmetry, Reality's Riddle
  • One is One...Or Is It?
  • How Stats Fool Juries
  • How Algorithms Shape Our World
  • The Beauty of Data Visualization
  • The Best Stats You've Ever Seen (Has been recommended earlier, but if you missed it, now is the time to see it!
  • The Beautiful Math of Coral
  • Many more video experiences are available, though not directly related to math (i.e. they might possibly still have value!).