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Azad Explains a Joke Plus...

First, review some previous humor regarding The Imaginary Numbers. Do you get the humor in the situation? If not, this week's website is for you....

Kalid Azad claims to "be a extremely curious person" who loves sharing his insights with others. As a student at Princeton, he started a website that explained or explored concepts as he wished he had learned them. After graduation, he worked at Microsoft and is now a self-employed software entrepreneur.

His website Better Explained: Learn Right Not Rote includes an article on Complex Numbers. It provides sufficient understanding to help anyone understand the humor in the joke...in fact he does a good job at visually explaining computations with complex numbers.

You also might want to browse Azad's other explanations via this enticing list in his Archives that transcends mathematical notions. Azad also offers the ebook Learn To Unlock Your Math Intuition for $19. I have not purchased it, or looked at it....!