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Step Right Up...Test Your Skills...

You think you know your mathematicians? Can you identify them by their picture? Test your skills with this week's innovative webiste...

David Andersson created PurposeGames.com as a web site for learning and having fun at the same time...in the form of a game. He began with his own trivia game about the countries of Africa, and now his website has grown to host more than 10,000 public games created by its many members.

Pertinent to my above challenges regarding mathematicians, I suggest these activities on his website:

How did you do? One of my major interests is the history of mathematics, and I admit to still not doing well (the first time through a quiz).

Now, once you have done these three quizzes, you might want to explore the other math-related games (covers all grade levels). Be forewarned that this includes 27+ pages, with 24 options on each page!

Finally, why not take David Andersson's challenge, and design then post your own mathematics game on PurposeGames.com. That is my challenge...to myself and to you!