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The World's Ugliest Music

You think you enjoy the intermixing of math and music? This week's website will test your enjoyment!

Scott Rickard, professor at University College Dublin, is interested in both music and math. This interest led his solution of an odd math problem: writing and performing a musical score with no pattern. It is now known as the ugliest-possible piece of music!

As part of a TED talk, Rickard discusses the elements involved...sonar, Galois's work, Golomb's ruler, randomness, patterns, and Schoenberg's tone row. In addition to the underlying mathematics, you even get to hear the first-ever performance of The Ugliest Music. As Rickard suggest, only a mathematician could enjoy this...and only a mathematician could create it!

After experiencing this TED talk, browse the associated feedback comments and also do a search on "world's ugliest music." I do not understand everything there, but the myriad of comments are quite interesting...and show evidence of defensive passion. For example, one person suggests: "What is interesting here is that the lack of a pattern is ITSELF a pattern."

Thanks to J.K. (WWU student) for sharing this link with me.