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Have a Math Question?

Suppose you have a math question that you have been unable to find a reasonable response. Some options are to ask a colleage or search the internet...but no answer may appear despite the claims of Ask.com or Answers.Yahoo.com!)

New possibilities are constantly appearing. A good option is to submit your question to Math.StackExchange.com, advertized as a place "for people studying mathematics at any level and professionals in related fields.

Its FAQ section claims that the website welcome questions about:

  • Understanding mathematical concepts and theorems
  • Hints on mathematical problems (but has some constraints on homework-sounding questions)
  • History and development of mathematics
  • Solving mathematical puzzles
  • Software that mathematicians use
This broad range is attractive, and does not prove as troublesome (i.e. inane questions) as expected. However, the majority of the questions seem to be at the undergraduate level.

Some example questions that were of interest to me:

  • Is there any branch of Mathematics which has no applications in any other field or in real world?
  • How can I explain topology to my grandmother?
  • What is the probablity that a Rubik's cube is solvable if you randomly switch two squares?
  • Prove that if x is a non-zero rational number, then tan(x) is not a rational number and use this to prove that π is not a rational number.
  • How from given any 9 points inside a square of side 1 we can always find 3 which form a triangle with area less than 1/8?
  • What is 00? Indeterminate or 1?
  • When was the term “mathematics” first used?
I admit to having never asked a question on Math.StackExchange.com. Nonetheless, I often visit the site to keep tabs on questions being asked, or I end up there via a serach I am doing. Give it a browse...or even ask it a question.