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Origamic Architecture: Build a Better Box!

Mix origami, geometry, and architecture, and the result: origami architecture. And, the path leads to Kirigami.

The Internet is filled with examples of origami architecture. Just do a search on the term, and focus on the images. Some samples are included on the right and below....

But, if you want to try your hand at doing some origamic architecture, where do you start? Try these links:

  • Squidoo, which includes templates and video instructions
  • Origamic Resource Center, with links to examples, tutorials, templates, and galleries...be sure to explore more of this website than the linked page!
  • Gerry Stomer's Virtual Gallery of Origamic Architecture, with links to otherleries
  • Pintrest offers many options, from the easy to the difficult
  • EverMore offers multiple examples and templates, though their page has not beenj updated for several years
  • Plus, search through the many YouTube videos (some are "how-tos) that are avialable, such as either the midbending Topsy-Turvy or WOW!-creating Rotating Object
Finally, if you prefer to have a book at hand, many origami architecture books are available.