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Mathematics of Love

As an odd twist, I had planned to present links to multiple videos connected to the idea of Mathematics and Love, found while tangentially searching the web-edges of Berkeley math professor Edward Frenkel's recent book Love and Math (I had to write a review of the book for a journal).

Frankel also has produced the related short film Rites of Love and Math which has garnered considerable press. Sponsored by a science foundation, samples of the film are available on-line.

However, as I reviewed the selected videos again, I decided to list only one, and leave it to you to make your own judgements as to its possible value. My interest in this particular video was due to a recent student's paper (in one of my courses) on the role of mathematics in dating sites.

The TED video The Mathematics of Love is offered by Hannah Fry, a mathematician and complexity scientist from University College London's Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis. Supposedly, this talk is an outgrowth of her interest in using a "mathematical perspective" to interpret and partially solve a wide range of societal problems.

If nothing else, at least her video has attracted about 3000 viewers in less than 3 weeks....says something about society!

If you want to discover the other videos I passed up, just do a seach on "mathematics and love" yourself.