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DEAF-CS: Deaf Educational Access For Computational Science

Shodor, located in Durham (NC), is a national resource for computational science education. Its national mission is "to improve math and science education through the effective use of modeling and simulation technologies."

The focus of this review is its online resources DEAF CS, a collection of activities and lessons that use modeling and simulation technologies to help deaf students explore interesting math and science concepts. As the deaf students explore the material, the concepts are accessible via their natural communication mode (authentic ASL), signed by deaf educators and students.

One option is DEAF INTERACTIVE, a collection of Java-based interactive, computer applications and tools designed to students learn math and science concepts through hands-on experimentation. Some key areas and options are:

  • Number and Operations (fraction/decimal conversion, sequences, mods)
  • Geoemtry and Measurement (transforming, tesselating, fractals)
  • Functions and Algebra (graphing)
  • Probability and Statistics (simulations)
Includes tools, lessons, discussions, and dictionary.

A second option is DEAF SUCCEED, a collection of inquiry-based mathematics and science lessons. Each lessons is complete, being designed to guide deaf students through explorations of fundamental ideas. Most of the content focuses on the sciences and computer science, but does include these mathematics areas:

  • Sieve of Eratosthenes
  • RSA Cryptology
  • Modular Mathematics
All of these materials are commendable, and I like the associated access to signing. But, more needs to be done and provided, as the amount is quite sparse and has not been added (or attended) to since 2004. Why...did a project end, and thus the interest and commitment...certainly not the need?