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If Only I Could Remember How To....

I have mixed feelings about "comprehensive" resources on mathematics. Either something must be missing or depth is not a goal. But, many such resources exist on-line.

One example is Math Open Reference , a free, web based reference source for students and teachers. It seems honorable in its intent, not being slowed by or embedded in advertisement links.

Operated by John Page, a software designer in California, the website has three reasonable goals:

  • To be a source of math information to students any time, any place
  • To move beyond static, boring text towards engaging interactive content
  • To provide instructors with the tools they need to move away from teaching, and towards learning facilitators
  • Eventually develop reference books and content that spans K-12
The accessible content is enriched by interactive options and often dynamic animations. The website must be of value to many people, since it averages about three million visits monthly.

To get a feel for the website, I suggest you visit the:

John Page has done a good job with his website, though it shows a lack of experience as someone who has tried to teach a group of secondary students. Key things that are missing, in relation to the focus on geometry, are the idea of proof (or even reasoning), applications, interplay between algebra nd geometry, and open-ended geometric explorations (of type possible via GSP).

But, it is a start...and a big task for one person! For example, to get his materials useable on an Apple Ipad, he is currently converting all of his FLASH animations to HTML5.