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A First Step...Let Your Students Take the Second

The Internet is overflowing with student work and projects, and it takes time to search out useful examples. One such is the ThinkQuest project funded by the Oracle Educational Foundation.

The ThinkQuest Library claims to offer "innovative learning resources for students of all ages on a wide range of educational topics"...websites created by students for students. Some are winners and some are not....the same for value.

Since 1998, ThinkQuest has accepted student projects as part of its worldwide competition, which has ended. The current resource site offers 8000 different examples, with only 240 focusing on mathematics (unfortunately, all of them do not work as links).

The math categories and respective number of websites are:

  • Algebra (26)
  • Arithmetic (63)
  • Calculus (11)
  • Chaos Theory (7)
  • Fractals (9)
  • Geometry (29)
  • Puzzles (8)
  • Statistics (3)
  • Trigonometry (2)
What happended to probability, an expected natural?

I suggest that you browse these websites for an ulterior reason, as many of them need a boost in quality, content, and use of technology. That is, with the advent of more modern computing and media tools, challenge your students (perhaps in a district competition) to do better....

Where are the simulations? Where are the dynamic interactions? Where are the uses of powerful graphics? Where are the uses of links for clarification and learner options? And, most important, where is the quality mathematics?