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Web Resources From Afar

The week's website is mentioned for multiple reasons. Coordinated by the University of Nice in France, it offers content in multiple languages...sort of!

When you sign on to the Interactive Mathematics Server (and choose of option of new server), you can select a language: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Netherlands, Chinese, etc. But, it seems that the content ends up being in either French or English, with the navigation being in the multiple languages.

The available options or resources are:

  • Interactive lessons and references
  • Online calculators and plotters: numbers, functions, matrices, graphs, surfaces, statistics,
  • Interactive exercises of various types and levels
  • Mathematical recreations: puzzles and games
  • And the option of creating "Virtual Class Examples"...something I did not explore
My suggestion is that you focus your exploration on the calculators/plotters, interactive exercises, and mathematical recreations. In doing so, I found that I had a good visual feel for centers of gravity (wish I had this when I taught calculus), did not understand primes as well as expected, and students could benefit from the wide range of calculators (e.g. 3D Cartesian or parametric surfaces). Some of the games will get you...try the "Shifting Puzzles" ...and if you are very good at curve approximations, try "Coincidence Freehand" (especially level 9).

Overall, the website has some good and some not as good, but I found some parts of value (mathematical and pedagogical)...and I still have not exhausted its offerings.