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Texas Instruments

Certain web sites should be visited often, some not at all. TI's web site definitely fits the first category, as it's a repository of information that can not be digested in one or two visits. Now, TI-** may soon run out of numbers, but its web site will not run out of ideas that mathematics teachers can use in their classrooms.

Be sure to visit often and explore each of these treasure-filled options:
  • The "bank" of classroom activities for topics in general mathematics, algebra, geometry, percalculus, probability, statistics, and calculus....plus other disciplines such as science and English.
  • On-line activities that often are quality lessons (and sometimes not), using resources such as USA Today, the Jason Project, and Vernier science labs.
  • Classroom resources such as the Explorations series, complete with detailed teaching guides
  • Classroom and reference resources for teachers that range from grant-writing to parent communications to student assistants..you name it!
  • Teacher-to-teacher discussion groups and e-newsletters
  • Activities for students, such as homework help, contests, and freebies
  • Teacher professional development opportunties (some on-line), expecially the TI-sponsored conferences
And I almost forgot, the website has announcements and overviews of all of the available TI-technologies.....it is hard to keep up...lets change that "hard" to "impossible."
  • Source: Texas Instruments link