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Take a Visit to Zona Land

In 1995, Ed Zobel created Zona Land as a resource for students and teachers of mathematics and physics, especially if they were having "a difficult time with textbooks and similar approaches." Now, Zobel is retired from teaching, and is spending his "free" time revamping his website.

Zona Land starts by letting you choose between an emphasis on Physics or Mathematics. As you explore both (suggested), you will quickly learn that the resources are written by a teacher writing resources for his own classroom...but making them available to others. This is both a plus and a minus.

In the Mathematics section, the available options or resources are:

  • Expression Evaluation
  • The Function Institute
  • The Geometry Section (why not an institute?)/li>
  • Graph Paper
  • Miscellaneous Mathematics
  • The Trigonometry Realm
  • Curve Fitting
  • EZ Graph (2-D only)
  • Simple Data Grapher
The resource I found most useful was the ability to explore Bezier Curves in the Curve Fitting option. Some other resources were helpful as well, but many are do-able on a graphing calculator or by another preferred resource.

Check out the Physics category as well, expecially if you want to learn about mechanics, waves, and light. The opening page has a nice animation of projectile motion sans gravity.

Make sure you also link to (i.e. visit) his complementary website EZ Math Movie, which is being developed to enable both making and interacting with animations that represent mathematics visually. With a creative mind at hand, it has some good possibilities...check out the fractal example.

Thanks Ed...keep working on this...