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Hypercubes, a Galton Board, Plus a World of More...

Often, we need a visual refresher regarding a mathematical idea or concept. Annenberg's Mathematics Illuminated offers some quality options.

Though part of a 13-part, integrated-media resource created for adult learners and high school teachers, the web interactions are my focus here. The complete series Mathematics Illuminated includes 13 coordinated half-hour videos, online texts, web interactive activities, and group activities.

The web explorations focus on multiple historical problems, and include these nine interactive options:

  • Figurative Numbers (the shape of numbers)
  • Shotgun Sequencing (combinatorics)
  • Robots (topology and configuration space)
  • Hypercube (dimensions)
  • Symmetry (rotation and reflections)
  • Galton Board (The Law of Large Numbers and the Central Limit Theorem)
  • Spatial Games (game theory)
  • Networks (network connections)
  • Metronome (synchronization)
My favorite is the Hypercube...as it is the first place I have ever seen the visual "folding-up" of a linked stack of cubes into a hypercube. The Symmetry experience is good as well.

I actually discovered this website because of a need to see a simulation of the Galton Board, when, in conversations with several individuals, they said they had never heard of such a contraption. Look at it, and your memories will return!

I also encourage you to look at the set of full lessons...the videos, the lesson resources, the transcripts, the references, etc. This is a rich resource.