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Want to Learn Some More Math History?

Last month, I suggested a great set of videos offered by Gresham College. They were part of the lecture series Shaping Modern Mathematics, connected with the free public talks that Gresham College has offered within London for over 400 years.

The following are a set of more specialized videos that form the lecture series jointly held with the British Society for the History of Mathematics, given over several years 2005-2012:

  1. The The Memoirs and Legacy of Évariste Galois video focuses on his contributions to the theory of equations that led directly to "modern" or "abstract" algebra.
  2. The Triangular Relationships video focuses on the mathematical poem "The Loves of the Triangles" (1798) that is a form of satire, a clever parody of Erasmus Darwin (Charles' grandfather), and also a political commentary on contemporary fears of revolution and evolution.
  3. The Mathematics, Motion, and Truth: The Earth Goes Round the Sun video focuses on the scientific and theological debates on the earth's motion, covering the early 1600s to the time of Poincaré.
  4. The History from Below: Mathematics, Instruments and Archaeology video focuses on the archaeologists discovery of a range of simple mathematical instruments, relatively humble wooden devices that reveal the distribution and variety of mathematical skills in early modern England.
  5. The Mathematics in the Metropolis: A Survey of Victorian London video focuses on the provision of university-level mathematics, highlighting many famous mathematicians...comparing their teaching styles and the courses they offered between 1837 and 1901.
Again, these lectures are part of a series, with possibly more to follow. Be forewarned, that in contrast to the oprevious recommended series, these are more academic and specialized in content....but still of interest to many.