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What to Learn More About Mathematics & Computing?

For the past two months, I have suggested videos offered by Gresham College. They were part of the lecture series Shaping Modern Mathematics and talks from the British Society for the History of Mathematics, all connected with the free public talks that Gresham College has offered within London for over 400 years.

The following are a more varied set of videos that deal with important mathematical ideas connected with computing:

  1. The Proof by Computer and Proof by Human video focuses on idea of a mathematical proof, especially their specialization and impact by the age of digital computers.
  2. The How computers get it wrong: 2+2 = 5 video focuses the computer's restriction to computing with a fixed number of digits, which creating rounding errors...and led to progress in new fields such as Chaos Theory.
  3. The Arithmetic by Computer and by Human video focuses on early calculation tools, such as the abacus, calculators, and computers...but also relates them back to the time of ancient Egyptians.
  4. The Indra’s Pearls: Geometry and Symmetry video focuses on a vision of Felix Klein, 19th-century geometer...that mathematics included an "idea prefigured in a Buddhist myth: the heaven of Indra contained a net of pearls, each of which was reflected in its neighbour, so that the whole Universe was mirrored in each pearl"...which a group of modern mathematicians explored and found beautiful symmetries and connections to fractals .
Again, these lectures are part of a series, with possibly more to follow. Be forewarned, that in contrast to the previous recommended series, these focus on connections to computing....but still of interest to many.