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A Daily Math Newspaper...or Hourly?

This week, the suggested link is perhaps a gem....but you will need to test it out to determine its value to you....

Arithmetic Matters is a new FREE digital multimedia newspaper from the Twitterverse...delivered daily but updated hourly.

Arithmetic Matters is the creation of Paper.li, a content curation service that enables people to publish newspapers based on any topics desired...and furnish "fresh news, daily." Paper.li processes more than 250 million social media posts per day, extracting and analyzing over 25 million articles...with the "math oriented" ones funneled through this new newspaper.

I heard about Arithmetic Matters via an e-mail from Jonathan Crabtree, a Mathematics Researcher in Melbourne, Australia. In fact, the link above is contributed via his name, which is well-known by anyone who reads news blogs connected with the Math Forum.

I have spent considerable time browsing the daily issues of Arithmetic Matters, even the content available in the Archive (I believe the first issue was August 1, 2013). In turn, I admit that I am impressed...have had to ignore some meaninghless stuff....but have discovered interesting items not seen before (which means the site has value to me).

Try it out...if you want to become a regular and receive the daily updates, Subscribe to it. I did...

Note: By doing some additional investigations (Search "math" via Newstand ), it turns out there are 100+ math-focused electronic newspapers available via subscription (usually FREE)...So, subscribe to them all, and you can spend 24-7 reading about math in the news!