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Thoughts for Your Penny

In line with my Math Lint rant about Scott Travers' efforts to spread "the magic of coin collecting," it perhaps is necessary to find some educational use for all of the pennies you have that are not rare. The web site Million Penny Challenge is a good start.

The Million Penny Challenge is a grand event started by the Lawrence Township Education Foundation (New Jersey) as a challenge for their local students, teachers, and the community to collect a million pennies. The collected change would be used to finance creative teacher and student initiated projects in the classroom. To shorten the story, their goal was met...and met...and met...to the current total of a 100 million pennies!

This website describes the project and all of the neat things that happened as a result. It also includes many examples of possible interest to mathematics teachers:

  • History and Future of the Penny
  • Fun Penny Activities
  • Sources of Penny Curricula
  • Procedure for setting up a Million Penny Challenge
Have fun...and if you cannot find a use for your extra pennies, please send them to an address I can provide.