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National Teachers Day: Tongue-in-Cheek View

We are heading towards the celebration of National Teachers Day, scheduled for May 6, 2014. Its intent is to be a day for "honoring teachers and recognizing the lasting contributions they make to our lives." But, unfortunately or fortunately, it is not recognized as a school holiday.

Though internationally celebrated, this special day needs to be distinguished from World Teachers Day, which occurs on October 5 of each year.

Mathematics teachers may enjoy this video which is Jimmy Kimmel's perspective on National Teachers Day in 2013....and I apologize in advance for the off-color aspects.

Note: National Teachers Day is not a National Holiday...in fact, only for the one year 1980 was it recognized by Congress. Now, it is supported/defined by NEA. Perhaps we should follow the lead of some other countries which make it a true holiday...one even sacrifices animals—the cow, the goat, and the pig—and hairs are plucked from these sacrificed animals, called the Hairs of Wisdom!