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Math God in Person(s)

YouTube is becoming saturated by music videos produced by mathematics teachers and their students. The quality varies considerably, with my viewing criteria being: Can I last 30 seconds...!

The production approach seems to be first, let's write a clever song about some math idea, and then let's find some kids to perform (with actions) a rap version of it. Unfortunately, the usual theme seems to be an emphasis on how to memorize rote sets of rules such as taking the derivative of a quotient of functions or dividing two fractions.

Especially common is the making of videos by Calculus AP classes, after the exams are over...and some school days remain. I am always puzzled why the class does not continue by exploring interesting math (as I tried to do when teaching an AP course), but that is another subject or concern.

A video that is somewhat unusual has been made by Calculus AP students at James Clemens High School (Madison, AL). Give it a view: Math God

What disappoints me most are the negative optinions that seem to be woven into videos such as these, especially when produced by students who supposedly like math and are successful at it. Perhaps they fall prey to the notion that one says what the audience wants or can identify with...

Prove me wrong...send me links to videos that you feel are strong, reflective of good mathematics, and project good mathematical vibes!