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Math Munch....With Delight!

You might start by viewing the TED talk recommended in this week's Resource. It sets the context for exploring the website for this week.

The admirable goal of the website Math Munch is "to help more kids find something mathematical that they love." It is created and maintained by Justin Lanier, Paul Salomon, and Anna Weitman...all classroom teachers of mathematics.

In their description of MathMunch as a project, they write: "In fall 2011, we started Math Munch out of a felt need to get more of this great math into the hearts, heads, and hands of our students. In weekly posts, we share stories about ordinary people who have extraordinary passions for mathematics. We share resources that students can use to create math of their own. Perhaps most importantly, we share and model an excitement for exploring mathematics and learning new things. In doing all this, we use language and examples that are accessible to students at least as young as fifth grade, and probably younger—although we don’t expect that every student will understand every item we share."

This link to Math Munch focuses on the idea of Zentangles, which is a way to visually explore and connect patterns. Traced to a linked blog by Sandy Hunter, who describes creative doodles such as snircles, snafoozles, and oodles.

The link also lists a resource for designing your own graph paper...and then ends up discussing pancake art...created by Nathan Shields, a former student of mine and a friend whose pancake art has been discussed multiple times on MathNEXUS.

Be sure to investigate past issues of Math Munch....it will lead you onto many unexpected fun trips. Also, check out their MArTH Tools, which are links to online Math/Art explorations. They also have many video links, a gallary, and even offer a newsletter for teachers....Plus, you can sign up for weekly notifications of their new ideas.