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The web site for the Computing Technology for Math Excellence (CT4ME) is a useful resource that I just discovered. It makes one wonder how many more useful web sites are just lurking somewhere on the Internet, waiting to be discovered.

The CT4ME site offers insight, advice, research, and resources that relate to the teaching and learning mathematics (K-12+). Using the standards movement in education as a filter, the resources include websites for basic skills mastery, problem solving and critical thinking, using data, homework assistance, games, simulations, virtual math manipulatives, project-based learning, field trips for math, standardized testing, and more. You ask...but how can there be more...How about education and technology news (e.g. NCLB), math education research, implementing standards, standardized testing, professional development options, technology integration, multimedia in projects, web design, national math initiatives, math methodology, and professional development. And, still more......

Particularly nice features are its attention to resources for teaching mathematics to learners with special needs, including help for struggling readers. Accessibility resources are addressed. The site even offers a link that allows viewing of the CT4ME content in German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Russian. This is impressive!

Use this site regularly. Bookmark it for easy access. I guarantee that you will find something new of use or interest...even if you have visited it before!

On behalf of other users, my thanks to Patricia Deubel for creating this resource.