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Blog B-weird

Summer's here...Time to suggest a weird experience.

The website Substandard Analysis (SEE * BELOW) basically is a blog on a plethora of mathematical topics: geometry, graph theory, algebra, prob/stats, analysis, topology, knot theory, and number theory. Plus, it includes attention to side aspects such as humor, cartoons, recreations, art/culture, writing, and the "wierd"...the site you are first linked to.

As Wing Mui, the creator of the web site, explains, I am a first year Ph.D student at UMass Amherst. This weblog is a collection of interesting mathematics-related things that I found on the internet, as well as bad math jokes and other personal observations...."

The site provides a few other links, with most of them being links to other math-related blogs. And, as expected, some of them are off-beat as well.

I will not spoil your adventure on this site by mentioning specific things.....but I spent (i.e. wasted) a lot of time on it. In turn, you might not find this web site of any value, but I do expect that it will provide some comic relief as you head into the summer.

* Sorry, this web site is currently down, as its owner Wing Mui is now focusing on teaching mathematics at an independant school.