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National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Still early in my review of web sites, I am trying to start with the mainstays that should be in every mathematics teachers' bookmark file. At the top of the list for all mathematics teachers should be the primary professional organization, namely the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

Mathematics teachers will use this site for different things at different times. They might be looking for:
  • Upcoming conferences and workshops
  • New resources, with a healthy discount for members
  • Samples of their journals, with full access to their new on-line journal On-Math, again only for members
  • Overview of mathematics education issues and NCTM's positions relative to these issues
  • On-line job listings
  • Copies of the national professional standards in mathematics education
  • Interesting links to other web sites(some of which will be reviewed in a future week)
  • Data-banks of past journal articles, primarily accessible by its members
  • Summaries of poltical events such as federal legislation and grant fund allocations that impact mathematics education
Now, admittedly I get frustrated at times by the clumsy interactions and protection-limiting aspects that arise when using NCTM's website, but then it is basically the only game in town. For example, a good first step would be opening its relatively new On-Math journal to the full educational community (at least until teachers discover that it even exists).

Source: NCTM link