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Curious Math = Attitude

CuriousMath is just that: curious math...with an attitude. It is coordinated by someone named Clay Ford, who notes: "My math credentials are lacking. Iím not a math teacher nor do I hold a mathematics degree. I have, however, taken a bunch of math classes over the years. And I love math." That's enough credentials for me, given the quality of his site.

The site has four basic areas of interest:

  1. Facts, Trivia, Fun: In addition to trivia such as Bible numbers and challenges to write the largest number using 3 digits (its not 999), where else can you learn interesting facts such as that if you take any prime number, square it, subtract 1...the result will either divide into 24 or be divisible by 24. (Note: Finding a proof of this is fun and reasonable.) Plus so much more!
  2. Magic Squares: Provides a lot of information, some new and alot of the usual.
  3. Tricks, Rules, Methods: A ton of the unusual...you need to visit it to see its flavor. Where else could you learn how to mentally calculate the "5th root of any two-digit number of a perfect 5 power"...what is this saying?
  4. Forum: The most interesting area, involving 359 different topics and 2620 posts. I always enjoy reading how others think, ask questions, and pose answers...such as why does 0.999...=1? Or, what is ? Why is 0/0 meaningless? etc.
I agree with one teacher-user of this site, who wrote in the forum: "Wandered in from a web search looking for new ideas for my seventh grade math curriculum and was quite impressed with this site:) Lots of great mathematics with interesting twists and ideas." I should add that one of the nice things about the Forum is that it is monitored quite closely, as I saw little flaming and/or one-up-manship.