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Listening In

Some web sites make me uncomfortable, in that they provide a forum around a mathematical topic where people discuss ideas, ask questions, and at times, reveal either insights and/or misunderstandings. One thing these web sites also reveal is that the public (all former math students at some time) has a continuing interest in things mathematical.

A good example is an effort by Tribe Networks, which tries to be both a forum and a modified Craig's List. It currently claims to have 46,136 interest groups (i.e. "tribes")...some you will not want to visit.

Some examples may be helpful in showing both the wealth and value of these sites. Consider these interest "tribes" and suggested discussions:

  • Fibonacci Tribe: Visit discussions on poetry, triangles, music, number bases, and especially "meta fictional history"
  • Golden Ratio Tribe: Visit discussions on Rock Band and why does Pi make sense
  • Sacred Geometry 1 Tribe or Sacred Geometry 2 Tribe: Explore interesting pictures showing connections between mathematics, nature, and architecture
  • Prime Numbers Tribe: Visit what interests you...try to figure out the image posted on 2/06?
  • Math and Logic Puzzles Tribe: Visit the problems...some are very interesting!
  • Mathematics Tribe: Visit the discussion on percentages, arithmetic vs. number theory, n day, and math jokes
Some of the other "tribes" are interesting (e.g. graph theory), but be forewarned to not explore a tribe blindly in front of your class (as the site is uncontrolled content wise and includes racy ads). You can use the search mechanism to focus your explorations.

Have fun listening in to on-going conversations...or even contributing.