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Washington State Mathematics Council

Mathematics teachers in Washington State should have a bookmark set to the website of the Washington State Mathematics Council, even if they are not members. First, it is the primary professional organization for the state, and thereby represents mathematics teachers (K-16) at state forums. Also, it is a pipeline of information relevant to mathematics education, locally, statewide, and nationally.

As a mathematics teachers, you will use this site for different things at different times:

  • Upcoming conferences and workshops
  • Information about the state mathematics contests for students
  • Order information for its journals and other professional resources
  • Teacher interactions on mathematics education issues via its "Teacher Exchange"
  • Current information regarding the Northwest Mathematics Conference--site, program, registration, contacts
  • Interesting links to other mathematics education web sites
  • WASL information and links to released test items
Now, all of this information is available free n the web site, even if you are not a member. But, as an organization, WSMC is always looking for new members...and new leaders. Why not join, become active, and give back to your profession?