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OSPI Redux

In addition to WSMC and NCTM, mathematics teachers in Washington State also should have a bookmark set to the web site (mathematics page) of the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction. First, it is the primary mathematics education authority for the state, and thereby represents/informs mathematics teachers (K-12) relative to state legislative actions and federal directives. Also, it is a primary pipeline of information relevant to the teaching of mathematics locally and statewide.

As a mathematics teachers, you will use this site for different things at different times:

  • Upcoming OSPI-sponsored conferences and workshops
  • Information about the state requirements such as EALRs and GLEs
  • Grade level instructional and assessment resources
  • Deep alignment guidance
  • On another page, reviews of research relevant to your teaching and specific to mathematics education
  • Contact information for state level math education consultants (who work with and for you)
  • WASL information and links to released test items
Now, use the information.....become informed. All of the necessary information is there...you just may have to search for it a little.