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You Can Count On Count On

Last week, the web site Count On was mentioned, via its discussion of spirolaterals and provision of printable "grid-warps." Please note, however, that the FANTASTIC web site Count On, managed by the University of York, offers so much more.

The site seems directed at students/teachers at the middle school level, but most of the information and activities can be used at the high school as well. To give you a taste of the richness of the site, I do not know where to even start:

  • X + Y Files, a monthly Mathzine, offers math explorations, historical information, and tons of problems.
  • The Maths Timeline offers an interesting way to travel through the history of mathematics, filled with visuals and useful information about the people behind the mathematics.
  • The section Pictures Interactive is a 3-D trip through a gallery of visual mathematics. To understand what this means, you will have to visit it.
  • Problem Bank offers an expandable data base of nonstandard math problems.
  • Space Adventure is a new space game that involves geometry...I did not explore this enough to say much about it.
  • The Sum is a newspaper that reports events from around the world that involve mathematics. Remember the intended grade levels for this web site.
  • The section Matrix is a 3-D trip through a gallery of mathematics--technology connections. again, to understand what this means, you will have to visit it.
  • The section Explorer offers a WEALTH of math explorations...you can get lost here for a weekend...or your students could if you share this web site with them.
  • The section Games offers a ton of games (coincidence?)...some good...some fun...some useful...all connected to mathematics in some way. I do not claim to have taken the time to investigate all of them.
  • The section Resources is for math teachers; again, remember that this web site is designed to support teachers in English schools.
  • The section Links offers a great number of useful math education links...some of these will be reviewed in future issues on this web site.
  • The section Cards On-Line enables you to send mathematical greeting cards to someone else....while there, I must admit I sent a few!
  • And, The 3rd Dimension has on-line explorations using the new software package called Cabri 3D...which is outstanding (i.e. it will be reviewed eventually).
I hope my comments have done this site justice, as it provides a wealth of information for math teachers at the 4-12 levels. Can't say anymore...I have to get back to my explorations of the site....