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Pi Daze Revisited

Wolfram's Math World is a great internet resource when Pi-Day rolls around...and you need some interesting facts to impress others. Especially to shift attention once your students realize that you have only memorized the first 3 digits of pi.

Some examples to whet your appetite for pi:

  • Discussion of the Star Trek episode "Wolf in the Fold" (1967), where Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock force an evil entity out of the starship Enterprise's computer by commanding the computer to "compute to the last digit the value of pi," thus engulfing the computer into an infinite loop
  • A visual representation of the pi's digits, both in binary form and in decimal form
  • Clifford Pickover's plot of the first 1600 decimal digits of pi (mod 2), followed by a corresponding plot for the decimal digits of 22/7 (mod 2). A white square indicates an even digit and a black square an odd digit.
  • Distributions of the decimal digits in the first 10n digits of pi-3
  • Interesting patterns for special digit sequences such as 0123456789 or 666
And if you want to search for your own special digit-string, consider Eve Andersson's website. For example, the digits for my birthday can be found starting at the 132,659-th decimal place.