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Mathematics English-Style

Mathematics teachers in the United States should be aware of resources available on the international level. One organization that always seems to provide quality resources is the Association of Teachers of Mathematics (ATM).

First, ATM is the primary professional organization in mathematics for England, and its views and products reflect a slightly different view that of professional organizations in the United States. Nonetheless, it is a pipeline of good resources, both for purchase and as free downloads. Though the English approach to mathematics curriculum differs substantially from that in the United States, they seem to integrate mathematical ideas in challenging and innovative ways.

Specific to the web site, I encourage you to explore its free or downloadable resources:

  • Some resources by James Robinson, such as the game of Hex, a classroom-usable numbers game, an interesting "Slide Shapes" Powerpoint, and an Code-making program in Excel.
  • Five Flash films on topics such as the visual proof of the Pythagorean Theorem, Tangram stories, Locii produced by rolling polygons, a creative look at the process of halving a sqaure, and a tiling activity
  • Two free downloadable versions of Logo that provide multiple turtles and 3D microworlds...thisd section alone makes the whole visit worthwhile!
  • Free spreadsheet files appropriate for investigating many different mathematics topics
  • Activity books for purchase...that are of high quality
Other things available include a web-blog on math education topics, journal articles (sample issue shown above), and professional views on mathematics education (again with an English twist, but they are facing the same problems or concerns that we do in the United States).