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Chalk Art of Julian Beever

In previous content on this website, I have shared some neat visual illusions as well as an exploration of anamorphic art. Please review them, as they combine to become a good set-up for the work of Jilian Beever, an English artist who creates fascinating chalk drawings that incorporate visual illusions and anamoprphic art.

Though it is possible to find photographs of Julian Beever's chalk-on-pavement drawings all over the internet, I suggest you watch this Julian Beever video that features most of his works. Though the video obviously is built out of a collection of stills, it still has a visual impact.

If you want to look just at still images, go to:

Many more such internet sites exist (all a Google away)...but they tend to repeat the same images.

And when done visually interacting with his work, you might check out this Wilipedia description of Julian Beever, as well as the associated links.

In closing, consider the following two photos. The first shows the image as it should be viewed and the second shows the view from the other side: