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This week's review of web sites is offered as a set of diversions that intersect peripherally with mathematics. In some cases, the web sites will be of interest to students, and several can be adapted for classroom use as well.

The sites are offered in no particular order, plus they are not connected thematically:

  • One Billion Mazes for student use (or to count)
  • The World is in Your Hand provides interesting photos involving perspective and scaling, plus could provide some interesting classroom lessons
  • Fractal Mirror provides an interesting view of iterative zooming, plus is that an Archimedian spiral being created?
  • The Art of Paper Cutting should give you some thought about negative and positive space, let alone the thought that some people have too much time on their hands
  • A Creative Look at the Art of Paper Cutting should give you even more thought about creativity...and perhaps some of the mathematics involved in creating this art
Hope these web sites were interesting. If you know of other innovative sites (ideas) such as these, please send me their URL's.